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So happy you stopped by my website.

I'm sure you have many questions, so allow me to answer a few crucial ones.


                Am I a dog or a cat person?

                  Both actually. I have no bias.


                  Who inspires me?

                Jessica Hische and Buddy the Elf.


                  Where did I attend middle school?

                  Well, I can't tell you. That's my security question.


I'm currently studying to receive my Bachelor of Science in Graphic Design at the Pennsylvania College of Technology. I am also an attendant at The Gallery at Penn College where I help in the organizing of exhibits and also perform design work such as logos and catalogs for the Gallery.


I love all things related to design, music, and coffee. If I'm not doing "designerly" things, you can be sure to find me volunteering my time to my church and college organizations. Or look around the nearest coffee shop. I'll probably be there too.


If you are interested in my resume, you may find it


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